Igor Puškarić - Art Reel

This is a cumulative work mashup i did over a 10 year period of creation.
Naturally , HUGE ammount of work is also left out, as i simply cannot cover every job, every presentation and every challenge. Some of the projects , i am still not allowed to showcase, however, i decided to make a clear cut in this year and begin a new portfolio collection from this point on. In any case, i hope you like it, thank you to all my clients and collegues for letting me showcase some of these things here, and for the opportunity to cooperate on these awesome projects! :) Wish you all the best in the year 2022, and beyond!

Places to find me, tutorials, models for sale and whatever else may come in the future:
General for all:

My art Reel up to 2022 - Roughly over 10 years of work