80 LVL - Interview & Breakdown - Creating Beasts

Hello all, i had the huge honor to do an interview and a conceptual breakdown with 80 Level CGI blog. We discussed on mentality and general approach to design and presentation, with a focus on the recent Hybrid runner Zbrush conceptual sculpt. Hope you find it useful in some way! Have an amazing day! Cheers! :)

Article Link: https://80.lv/articles/how-to-create-beasts-the-guide-by-igor-puskaric/?fbclid=IwAR0Vh9LMUhgEN-zSnpmwVKn4moipp4lS3xABYO4vbKa77jA-c25L6hHN21Q

Places to find me: http://linktr.ee/IgorPuskaric

Hybrid Runner Posed - Material Rough Previs

Hybrid Runner - Creation Mindflow