Hybrid Runner - Game-ready animation - TEST

Hello everyone!
Here is the retopologised Hybrid runner 3D model, with the basic AO and a Normal map. Finally! :D
Still, this is just a test animation clip, from multiple angles, just so i can double-check the rig and skinning.

I still need to tweak some tweaks here and there, after which i plan to properly texture it, and add the full, proper animation set for this Beastie. It currently has over 80 bones, could be more, but i have decided to stop for now. 😅🤣
Some time ago i also had the honor to do an article regarding conceptually designing it, on 80LVL CGI blog, in case you are interested in that segment, please see it here. (The sculpting process video is also included) https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PmVyZo
I can only do this personal stuff during short bursts while waiting for client feedback, but i hope to have updates soon. Ultimately, it will join my other models , which i offer for sale. Thanx for looking!

Cheers! :D

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Multi-angle - animated Demo